Career Management
CMI is a one stop solution for finding a job. We can only provide value when we know who you are, what makes you tick and what exactly you are looking for. That is why we conduct a holistic search in order to achieve the maximum value for both employer and employee. It is only when both derive value from each other that a successful association is created. Our interest is in finding the right person that fits into the right career, not just matching skill sets on a CV but going further- much further. We listen to our candidates – listen and ask question in order to determine suitability, adaptability and compatibility.
The passion to excel is never seen more clearly or experienced more vividly than when we work on senior assignments. This search brings together our years of experience coupled with the best research, networking and headhunting skills to enable the science of recruitment to be embodied. To provide world class service, we combine the art of recruitment with the science of it. The War for Talent is a relentless and pressing one in which CMI matches you to the companies which need you the most. In today’s environment, Company Officers are expected to perform and deliver results within a shorter time frame and the cost of not finding the best person for the job is very expensive.

With the economy growing once again, companies are seeking to fill vacant positions with the right people. CMI caters to Company Officer level positions in India and on the International Front. Seize the opportunity for career growth and send your CV to to help us place you in the right job profile that would be the perfect next step in your career growth trajectory. For the Latest Job Openings join the group 'CMI Mumbai Jobs' on Linkedin, FaceBook or Orkut.
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