Corporate Training
Our Focus is on Effective Training. Our Methodology is based on our Guiding Principle:
1.   Evaluate
2.   Execute
3.   Empower

Evaluate - Using a detailed training need analysis to develop customized corporate training programs & modules
Execute - Using the highest quality of trainers with experience in their field
Empower - Empower your employees to enhance their effectiveness.
To promote individual and organizational competence by synergizing intellectual, emotional and social skills. Our methodology usually includes conducting appraisal and review sessions to ensure implementation of the program. Some of the more frequent programs/ modules are:

Soft & Behavior Skills

Personality Development
Listening Skills & Body Language
Motivation & Morale
Leadership & Conflict Management
Time & Stress Management
Team Building

Quality Management

Problem Solving Process
Root Cause Analysis
Cost of Quality
Striving for Excellence and not Perfection
Business Process Evaluation

Sales & Tele Sales Training

Selling Strategies (Basic & Advanced)
Major/Key Account Management
Channel Management
Solutions & Project Management
Tele Sales Management
Objection Handling Skills

CRM & Retail Training

Customer Relationship Management
Retail Relationship Management
Customer Retention
Retail Sales Penetration & Closing

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