HR Services
In addition to recruitment, we offer extended HR services to ensure that CMI is able to be a total HR services & solutions provider & partner. We aim to cover the gambit of HR services. We use empanelled professionals & industry leaders in the respective fields to provide a comprehensive service. These services include
Psychometric Assessment

More and more companies are using psychometric tests when taking recruitment decisions. Investing time and energy in psychometric tests can give you the extra edge you need to succeed. Our tests aim to measure attributes like intelligence, aptitude and personality. These can help prospective employers find the best match of individual to occupation and work environment and thereby reduce employee turnover and improve overall productivity.
Psychometric Assessment is an integral part of recruitment or to fulfill specific client needs.
Vital component in improving organizational effectiveness thorough the development of both teams and individuals.
To produce in-depth psychological profiles of individuals covering both personality and intellectual ability

We use Psychometric Assessments for Pre Employment and Post Employment requirements which we can further divide into
Individual Assessments for Selection or Development Purposes
Management and Career Development Programs
Individual Coaching and Mentoring

Our most utilized form of assessment is the
16 Personality Profile Systems Test (16 PPST) This is a personality test covering 16 personality dimensions based on the theories propounded by Cattel. Other tests the trained psychologists currently use are
Learning Style Inventory (LSI)
The Motivational Analysis of Behavior Matrix (MAB)
Conflict Management Style
Stress Questionnaire
Attributional Style Questionnaire
Role Efficacy Scale (RES)
Personnel Test
Personality profile (16PF) –form A
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) –Form G
Team Building (TB)
Organizational Role Stress Scale (ORS Scale)
Dr. Beck Attitude Profile
Critical Thinking Test
Job Design SurveyTeam Building (TB)
Transactional Analysis (TA)
Lead Questionnaire
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
Counseling Pre-Test
Transactional Analysis (TA)
Problem Solving Profile
Your Temperament
Performance Appraisal Form
How Well Do You Listen

Verification Services

Selecting the right employees is one of the most complex and time-consuming tasks for Human Resources. In addition to the financial cost and possibility of litigation, there is a growth of regulations that place an obligation on employers to demonstrate that they have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the integrity and credentials of their employees bear examination.

Employment verification is extremely important since applicants are known to frequently falsify information on their resume or application. Information sought during employment verifications can include: remuneration, date of employment, reason for leaving, job title, eligibility for rehire, actual performance and any other helpful information which you may require.

Major fraud is almost always internal, and in addition to the economic loss involved, the effects of adverse publicity can be devastating and long lasting to a company that does not have adequate pre-employment screening processes in place.

High profile recruiting disasters are reported in the world's press on a regular basis. Of the thousands of screenings, discrepancies are discovered in about 30% of the cases. The discrepancies include falsely claimed qualifications, bankruptcies and reported dishonesty. Pre-employment screening reduces the risk for employee.

Education history is commonly falsified on resumes and job applications. We will verify a degree, credential or license received, as well as the date awarded (time information received varies from institutions and states). Applicants sometimes falsify employment information. We will verify dates of employment, position, and salary (where available) directly from previous employers.

Experts recommend employee background checks as one means of minimizing the dishonesty and employee theft problem. Employee integrity is difficult to determine from a résumé. Estimates find that nearly half of the résumés you receive have inaccuracies or out-and-out fraudulent information.

We offer the following level of Screening Services
Identity & Address Check
Education Verification
Employment Verification
Integrity Check
Criminal Verification
Drug Screening

Payroll Processing

With the benefits of our payroll services, you can avail of end-to-end payroll accounting, tax administration and reporting service which will relieve you of routine administrative tasks. Such services offer the benefit of reduced the cost of operation and simultaneously increase in profitability. These intuitive solutions offer payroll practitioners a fresh perspective to plan, organize, service and manage people for organizational transformation. The end-to-end solution addresses all the payroll needs - from strategic to operational and aids information management and decision-making.

Payroll outsourcing is a key service that we provide for companies who are looking for a reliable HR partner that can work collaboratively with them to manage their internal monthly payroll operations.

Covers all formalities until Tax Filing
Real Time Management
Minimize External Costs
Relive Laborious HR Tasks
Increases Client Flexibility
Addresses Headcount Limitations
Covers Statutory Regulations

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