About Us
Career Management International (CMI) is a Strategic HR Advisory Services Company established in 2002. CMI prides itself on its core focus of recruitment at mid, senior management and CxO levels. Headquartered at Mumbai, our extensive network of consultants work pan India, with offices in Delhi and Pune. We provide value to IT and NON-IT clients alike by identifying your unique needs for successful growth.

CMI has realized the demand for comprehensive HR Service Solutions. Though still in a nascent stage in India, the ability to deliver time tested and researched backed HR solutions provides tremendous scope for growth.
Our team has a perfect blend of youth and experience. Most of the senior management comes with over 15 years of experience each in their specialized field of HR. Coupled with some other seasoned HR & Marketing professionals and backed by a team of young motivated MBAs to ensure a great team.

CMI collaborates as a team across all departments to focus on client delivery to offer critical, cost effective and scalable customized solutions. Our recruitment, consulting, support, and training specialists work together to implement solutions, integrate systems and policies, optimize performance and support users.
Vision Statement

To be the Industry Leader in the HR Services Solutions Arena and to aid in the development of corporate India by setting benchmark levels of service standards whilst maintaining the highest ethics and principles in the delivery of quality services to ensure satisfaction to both, our clients and employees.

Mission Statement

To develop a new People Management Paradigm of Complementary Competence by synergizing the entire gamut of HR Services to provide value through customized solutions for all People Management issues.


Career Management International (CMI) is based on a philosophy of Providing Value
Value in terms of Synergized HR Service Solutions that enhance and empower
Our Challenge is to Build Lasting Relationships to Enhance Value
Our Commitment is Consistent and Effective Delivery

Why CMI?

Proven Delivery Capability.
Great Problem Solvers.
Ability To Go Beyond Client Requirements &
Provide Strategic Insight.
Strong Domain Knowledge.
Quick Scalability and Response Time.
Flexible and Customer Centric Approach.
Focus on Processes.
Clear Client Communication.

Our Consultants

CMI is organized into industrial sector divisions where Resourcing Consultants and Advisors and Account Managers specialize in specific sectors of industry. We believe it takes such skilled and experienced people to be able to find candidates who are not naturally or easily available. As all our staff are highly trained in their respective fields, we offer you a high level of efficiency and accuracy in providing you with the right people from Banking, Financial, IT or ITES, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Trading and all other sectors in both Technical as well as Non-Technical fields.

It is vital to be able to find a precise profile match, with little or no compromise, as the people selected will be the key to the organization’s success in the future. The entire search procedure is handled with the utmost confidentiality and expertise to ensure that your company is properly represented in the market.

The CMI Logo

The CMI logo is based on the focusing of multiple visions to provide insight to our clients. The logo consists of three intertwined inner rings enclosed in a unique focus outer ring. Each of the Inner Rings signifies a specific vision:
Normal Eye Sight View which is important for balanced vision.
Microscopic View which is critical for understanding minute details and specifics.
Telescopic View which offers clarity of direction & focus.

The Outer Ring is akin to a viewfinder that ensures focus of vision & integrates all initiatives into a holistic solution. Our philosophy is based on focusing on clients solutions, through insight & foresight

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