Retained Search
The retained search service is an exclusive service for Top & Board level management. The team is lead by a resourcing director with a team of skilled researchers & head hunters. The program is designed to be transparent with thorough documentation at every step which enables the client to lead & direct the search with minimal supervision.
The Resourcing director will discuss, at length, the exact requirements which include detailed competencies, strategic objectives, timelines, methods, confidentiality levels. Details such as leadership styles, culture &and vision would necessarily be discussed. Research into history of past incumbents, other directors/ CxO level members & analysis of similar industry leaders would follow. To ensure complete transparency, all communication with possible candidates will be shared.

The search team would use myriad sourcing tools to prepare an extensive list of fundamentally suitable candidates (typically 20-30 candidates). Our proprietary database, extensive networking & core head hunting would form the basis of our search. A competency screening & initial interview is then done to arrive at a confidential longlist (typically 10-15 candidates). A detailed personal interview will be conducted & personal biographies, interview notes & reports would be submitted along with our recommendations. This list would then be evaluated with the client prior to direct interviews. After the basic shortlist is defined, an intensive but confidential referral program is put into place & clarifications directly from the candidate are made. The final shortlist (typically 3-6 candidates) is then submitted for the normal interview process by the client.
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