Strategic HR Solutions
In order to derive the greatest value, we are able to deliver greater synergy in developing a customized solution that is mission critical, cost effective and scalable. By combining various services, we are able to deliver high performing solutions at a lower cost. We have put together a few solutions but each solution is individually customized & designed to ensure maximum ROI while ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Our motto is to ensure achievement of goals through minimal change. Managing change is at the heart of all HR initiatives.

The Grow-Fast Solution provides quick and easy scalability to increase or augment staff strength. We use a combination of Recruitment, Training & either Staffing of Payroll Services to ensure a smooth ramp up of professionals in the stipulated time frame with drastic control on overall costs. We will source the right candidates, provide the requisite training -soft skill or technical and ensure that the employment process is looked after if required. For larger scale projects, we provide dedicated HR managers to look after the employees while providing all statutory plus other benefits that could be added. We ensure a lower attrition rate by empowering your employees.

This solution is ideally suited to all organizations that need to grow quickly and efficiently. The Retail, IT, FMCG, Consumer Goods & Durables, Travel, Pharma & BPO Industries are naturally the ideal choices for this solution


Our Solutions are designed to deliver great value to help you Grow More Efficiently, More Effectively. We can deliver high quality talent within the shortest gestation period. We further back this by providing detailed employee verification which includes background and educational checks coupled with in depth criminal investigations, if required. In order to ensure that the recruitment process is standardized for all locations we can aid in the development of pre-recruitment psychometric testing and assessment. We would further the development of the talent pool through a systematic approach of soft skill or technical trainings by aiding in the development of a training calendar.

For the medium to long term, we could aid in the defining or re-evaluating the role and function of various jobs that would require higher efficiency and effectiveness. Depending on the specific requirement, further assessment and development work can be done with regard to OD initiatives, development of performance management systems, innovative or hybrid reward or quality initiatives using corporate HR principles and processes to ensure that the objectives is achieved within the shortest time frame and with minimal cost, while ensuring implementation is done seamlessly.


Managing a large workforce to increase productivity can be a cumbersome task. We can help in managing your existing workforce to increase efficiency and more importantly effectiveness, thereby increasing productivity. We will begin with an employee verification process to ensure the integrity of all employees is above reproach. We would then continue with Psychometric Assessment and could also perform a competency mapping exercise for middle and senior level management. This would result in a source of raw data, which would be analyzed to produce custom designed training modules to ensure that the employees can reach their maximum effectiveness and productivity.

Through the exercise, we would gain insights into the functioning of the organization and would be able to recommend appropriate action to ensure that performance and motivation of the employees is at a constant high. A climate or compensation survey would also apprise the management of competitors which can help in the development of the business plan or with salary increments.


With growth comes a great deal of challenges. We can help you overcome these challenges. With ever increasing attrition rates, and salaries rising as never before, many companies will struggle to face the challenges of growing. Our solutions are designed to ensure lower attrition rates, increased morale whilst ensuring that the priority of recruitment is not diminished. It is necessary to put into place the correct corporate systems and processes in order to remain in control over all functions. Further it is necessary to know and understand the people working for you so that their growth within the organization is assured; which mean the organization’s growth is ensured along with it.

We would first begin with an in-depth research in the organization, its competitors, compensation, policies etc and could also conduct an HR Audit. We would then conduct a set of psychometric tests and competency mapping to ensure suitability to the role and function. We would define or redefine the role or job evaluation to ensure the highest effectiveness. The necessary MIS structures would also be put into place and the plan for recruitment, succession, attrition would also be advised to ensure a healthy and robust organization.

To ensure higher motivational level, performance management or quality based systems could be implemented in conjunction with the necessary training programs. This would culminate into an employee handbook which would communicate the new programs and existing structures to ensure that all employees are aware of the rights and duties. Our aim is to be able to implement, and not just develop, these programs seamlessly.

Excellence Enablers

Research of the Organization:
Salaries, Structure, Reporting, Delivery, Client Servicing, Branch Offices
Competitors Salaries, Break Up, Targets Variables etc.
Development of Organization Structure
Methodology to integrate existing structure into the new model
Role Definition & Job Description
Recruitment Plan for the next Year
Process Analysis, Defining & Strengthening of Reporting Structures

Development & Execution of the Recruitment Plan:
Compensation Analysis
Development of Variable Payment Plans
Development of Employee Handbook
With All Benefits, Rules, Regulations, Etiquette, Processes etc.
Soft Skill Training with Schedules and Execution
Aiding in the Business Plan.
Minimizing Effects of Attrition
Aid in Providing and Communicating Direction, Leadership & Strategy.
Strengthening of Available Resources at Branch/Other Offices
Development of Compensation Management Models
Succession Planning
Development of New & Innovative Reward Programs

Effective Enthusiasm

Developing a highly productive workforce is any organization’s greatest goal. We aid in the development of highly productive teams. The essence of this solution is to understand the people in a team, evaluate their function and role and then evaluate the entire life cycle or process to be followed.

This is done through an initial psychometric assessment and then the role and function evaluation. This is then followed up with the necessary soft skill and/ or technical training to ensure that all team members are aware of the entire process and its functioning and their particular role in ensuring a highly productive team.

It may become necessary to develop individual KRAs and implement Performance management systems to ensure effectiveness. This depends on the team function, role and level.


In order to diversify, recruitment of a new team can be a serious challenge to the effectiveness of the new division or department. We can ensure that the recruitment cycle of this comes down to the minimum period. In order to provide added value, we will be in a position to ensure that this new team gets the requisite training to ensure their effectiveness. Further, if this is a new area, we could also offer staffing solutions for the same team and could operate the team under our banner, either permanently or for a specified period of time.

This is ideal in case of setting up a new vertical or product range that would conflict with the current existing structure or if a new product range needed to be researched or test marketed.

A complete marketing solution with just 1 single monthly fee payable. No further administrative burden
The entire program can be managed and run out of our offices.
All infrastructure and consumables, including mobile phones, visiting cards, stationary, PC’s, website, email etc could be provided.
The necessary follow up training would be also be provided to ensure effectiveness.
Replacements for any recruitment will be made immediately and there may be a case where there are more people recruited to account for expected attrition rates.


Setting up a new office, either in a new city or a new country can cause delays or cause setbacks to growth. We offer a total solution, customizable to your specific needs and requirements.

The following services will be provided
Locating Office Premises
Office Support Services
Recruitment of Staff
Annual (Branch/ Office) Accounting
RBI Clearances (If Required)

At the primary stage we would identify a few possible office locations. Development of the office can be done either directly or the services of an architect or interior designer can be availed directly through us. Once the costing and terms have been approved, the actual work on the office development begins. All necessary office infrastructure and support services will be provided, such as AC’s, telephone, fax, computers, servers, networking, KTS/EPABX, printer, televisions, fridges, water purifiers, microwave etc. Recruitment of all staff will be handled including support staff such as secretaries, peons, receptionists etc. Recruitment of sales/ operational staff will also be done.

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