The CMI-123 Way
Our structured approach is based on the following steps:
1.   In-Depth Research
2.   Screened Flood Approach
3.   Detailed Recruitment Road Map

Finding the best-suited people for your company is the fundamental basis for the thoroughly researched and structured method we use to provide value to your organization. CMI goes beyond the standard industry practices to offer customized and deadline based search.
We operate on a ‘Screened Flood’ approach. This means we would provide you a larger selection of high quality candidates within a very short duration in order to provide better evaluation of the candidates resulting in meeting sourcing deadlines without any compromise on quality.

With CMI you are assured of an astute team of 3 - 6 Industry Specific Resourcing Consultants and Advisors handling a single assignment. You are thus provided with three to five times the number of CVs that you would obtain from a regular recruitment firm with just one or two consultants. However quality of the people offered will not be compromised. CMI unearths better caliber candidates with our ‘Screened Flood’ approach. A dedicated CMI Account Manager for your company guarantees consistent and timely delivery. The resulting need to deal solely with CMI rather than multiple search firms has benefits such as strict confidentiality and faster hires. The wider pool of high caliber candidates to be interviewed over a shorter duration translates into accurate selection decisions.

Further when there are deadlines to be met, we partner with all decision makers to fix a schedule for recruitment which starts with the end in mind; i.e. the date of joining. From there the entire recruitment roadmap is planned to ensure delivery within stipulated deadlines.
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